Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Thursday, June 7, 2018



A great band that is worth checking out. This insane shit looks like something totally nosense, but it's pure insanity from the streets of Tokyo. You should check, these guys have been doing something decent for over 10 years, they play really well, something doped for you. In general, it appears to be a typical new metal/alt.metal, but the band calls itself the genre called, H.A.G (Heavy Ambient Grunge)...
It is something that they have created and is being adopted by other bands around Tokyo.
Finally, listen to this shit that's worth it!
Uma ótima banda que vale a pena você conferir. Essa merda insana aparenta ser algo totalmente sem sentido, mas é pura insanidade de verdade das ruas de Tokyo. Você deve conferir, esses caras vem fazendo algo decente a mais de 10 anos, eles tocam realmente bem, algo dopado para você. Em geral, aparenta ser um típico new metal, mas a banda se intitula ao gênero chamado H.A.G (Heavy Ambient Grunge)...
É algo que eles mesmo criaram e vem sendo adotado por outras bandas ao redor de Tokyo.
Por fim, ouça essa merda que vale a pena!



The band:

Sakagchi Hirokads (Guitar) 
Nannjo Katsche (Guitar) 
Hirakawa Mitzsrru (Bass) 
Kiqrrr (Drums) 
Akira Ogiishi (Vocal) 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Hello my friends, I back again and again!

This year I present my new project, the same as dark ambient, but with a new name!

Soon I'll do two or three demos and splits, and maybe an EP or an Album ...

Check my soundcloud, for the demo soon!
Here! (Atmosdark soundcloud)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rasalhague - Rage Inside the Window (2011)

01. Danielle's Dilemma (Her Birth) [06:22] 
02. Squalor Prison [08:22] 
03. Mother is the Disaster [10:12] 
04. Danielle's Dilemma (Her Removal) [07:55] 
05. Communication Depravity [06:55] 
06. Taming the Feral Child [08:01]


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nebel - Martyr (2012)

01. In Articulo Morti [05:00]
02. Liberate Me Ex Infernis [08:40]
03. De Profundis Clamavi [06:28]
04. Post Mortem Is Nihil [05:08]
05. Memento Mori [04:52]
06. Herresco Referens [06:00]
07. Martyr [06:22]



Abandoned Place - Shadow of Memory (2008)

01. Untitled I [07:02]
02. Untitled II [07:26]
03. Untitled III [10:42]
04. Untitled IV [09:34]
05. Untitled V [05:04]
06. Untitled VI [05:27]
07. Untitled VII [06:46]
08. Untitled VIII [08:08]


Good stuff from Germany, I recommend it!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gauss Ta O Tu - Vll Evil (2014)

01. Hellsnöise - Clamor [01:14]
02. Dark Occvlt Ritual - III [19:53]
03. C.O.F.O.C. - Død Gud [07:13]
04. Helvetti - Until the Reaper Comes Pt. II [17:17]
05. Horrida Vultuum - Cinis Ortus Pt. II [04:45]
06. Horrida Vultuum - Macto Mors Mortis Pt. II [07:57]
07. 502 - Screams in the Endless Void Pt. I [14:56]


A perfect compilation of projects from Noktvrnal Kvlt. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nebula Nigrum + In the Hours of Darkness + Maestro Infernal - Cold Souls [Split] (2014)

01. Untitled I [13:03]
02. Untitled II [16:32]
03. Black Apparition [03:46]
04. Haunting in the Night [03:12]
05. In the Dark [09:28]
06. The Call from the Woods [10:03]

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Aqui está mais um album, agora um split com Nebula Nigrum (Interior de SP) e com In the Hours of Darkness (Dallas, TX)... é só a primeira parte, em breve mais um split!

Here's one more album, now a split with Nebula Nigrum (SP) and In the Hours of Darkness (Dallas, TX) ... is only the first part, soon another split!