Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Friday, January 28, 2011

VA - The Book Ov Shadowz (1998)

I. Dagda Mor - The Voice of War (4:21)
II. Stratvm Terror - Worms (3:53)
III. Soldnergeist - Hidden Powers of Nature (6:41)
IV. Ah Cama-Sotz - Opfer: Till Death Do Us Part (6:38)
V. Megaptera - Frozen Corpse (5:30)
VI. Predominance - Cathedral of Light (3:08)
VII. Inade - Tat Twam Asi Pt.II (7:03)
VIII. Tortura - Resistence Is Futile (7:20)

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VA - Death Odors II (1997)

I. Megaptera - Excerpts From: The Final Day (4:43)
II. Raison D'Etre - Saifeiod (6:34)
III. Deutsch Nepal - Pôpoülé (Feat. No Festival of Light) (11:01)
IV. Archon Satani - Antifada (4:44)
V. Negru Voda - Dark Territory (4:59)
VI. Stratvm Terror - Another Thong (6:08)
VII. Söldnergeist - You Are Dead (4:47)
VIII. Discipline - Warriors of the Abyss (5:20)
IX. No Festival of Light - Metsämarja (6:16)
X. Memoria - Pulled From Stone (5:06)
XI. Crepuscule - Dark Hearts (4:35)
XII. Keimverbreitung - Antroterapique (4:52)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tor Lundvall - The Mist (2001)

I. Ribbon (2:06)
II.Ghost Girl (5:50)
III. Streets (2:59)
IV. 29 (5:24)
V. Leave (2:24)
VI. Crooked (4:22)
VII. Dead Moon (2:25)
VIII. The Hollow (3:51)
IX. Pale Sun (3:35)
X. 6:00 AM (2:50
XI. Outpost (2:38)
XII. Grey Life (4:24)
XIII. The Mist (3:51)
XIV. Her Train (3:04)
XV. Remember (3:58)
XVI. The Years (3:22)
XVII. Dark Spring (2:28)
XVIII. The Green Darner (4:03)

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Yasnaïa - Oniro (1996)

I. Oniro (1:13:53)

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Are exactly ten tracks, with this sequence...
I. La Fusion D'Angoisse Et La Curiosité (10:45)
II. One Thousand Angels Dancing On A Pin's Head (6:12)
III. Enoema Elisj (4:46)
IV. Charun Eth Chara (8:06)
V. Aïzen Myoo (6:05)
VI. Orange In The Air (7:22)
VII. A Dream Unfinished (7:35)
VIII. Kailash (5:49)
IX. Who Am I? (6:06)
X. Ta-Tshenen (11:06)

Brighter Death Now - Pain in Progress (1998)

I. Shatterer of Earth (4:52)
II. Pain in Progress (6:11)
III. Certified Dead (8:01)
IV. Dachau - Anthem (5:31)
V. Still Murder (4:40)
VI. Meat Processing (3:49)
VII. Heart of Stone (4:38)
VIII. Bloodshower (5:42)
IX. Bloodsex & Murders (4:16)
X. Serapeum (3:50)
XI. Maruta Komand (3:53)
XII. Blood On the Sheets (4:46)
XIII. DeathKomh. (5:11)
XIV. Meat Improvement (3:52)

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This album also has it's version in '90 with nine tracks!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stratvm Terror - This Is My Own Hell (2008)

I. ... (2:11)
II. In Oblivion (7:17)
III. Unveiled Is My Skin (8:40)
IV. In God We Do Not Trust (10:26)
V. Walk With Fire (5:02)
VI. No Redemption No Remorse (3:00)
VII. My Hell (9:48)
VIII. Now Ever Sleep (13:56)

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Azaghal - Of Beasts and Vultures (2002)

I. Helwettiläinen (The Infernal One) (6:32)
II. Welho (Wizard) (4:57)
III. Reign (3:06)
IV. Kaikki Elävä Kuihtuu (All Life Withers) (5:06)
V. Of Beasts and Vultures (3:13)
VI. Peto - 6 6 6 (The Beast - 6 6 6) (4:38)
VII. Minä Olen Tie (I Am the Way) (4:54)
VIII. Verenjano (Bloodthirst) (2:41)
IX. Epilogue (2:41)
X. 13 Candles (Bathory cover) (4:35)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Domain - Pandemonium (1995)

I. The Beginning (1:38)
II. Blood of God (3:43)
III. Immemoreal Legend (3:01)
IV. Sword into Heart of Lies (3:38)
V. The Calling (3:38)
VI. Hagia Sophia (4:35)
VII. Lost Preexistence (3:43)
VIII. Mirror of Hate (5:47)
IX. Somewhere Above (3:01)
X. Lost Preexistence (Remix) (3:43)

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Num Skull - When Suffering Comes (1996)

I. Eyes of a Madman (3:25)
II. The Gift of Hate (2:32)
III. Mercitron (2:43)
IV. In Sickness (3:20)
V. Spill Your Guts (6:33)
VI. As the Dead Pile High (3:10)
VII. Inquisition of the Guilty (3:44)
VIII. Force Fed Lies (2:59)
IX. Buried Alive (Venom cover) (4:27)

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REVIEW by: Chronicles of Chaos.
Although their spelled-wrong-on-purpose band name keeps making me think of hair metal wussies Ruff Cutt, these guys have absolutely nothing to do with wussy-hood. Nope, this is brutal death, North American-style - the kind of thing that would make Ruff Cutt wet their spandex pants; and if you're big on this particular style, then you're almost certain to like it. It's superbly heavy, with a bit of early Suffocation feel to the sound, plus some crushing mid-tempo grooves and rhythm guitars that occasionally remind me of Malevolent Creation's uber-powerful _Retribution_. What I especially like about the album is the genuine old-school vibe it's got going: these guys are much more interested in morbid heaviness and unpretentious structures than in needlessly technical riffing and constant tempo changes. Not that it's monotonous, though. There are some great, barbaric dynamics on tracks like "As the Dead Pile High," "The Gift of Hate," and opener "Eyes of a Madman." Another cool touch: they close with a cover of Venom's "Buried Alive," a song which definitely benefits from an injection of death metal heaviness. The production is solid, and so are all the performances. Why didn't I give it a higher score? Well, at 33 minutes for nine tracks, the compositions are all fairly short, and some songs don't really seem to go anywhere in the course of their brief durations. More to the point: although definitely enjoyable, Num Skull are lacking in any real distinctness that might set them apart from their peers. But hell yeah, they know what they're doing, and this is undeniably very heavy.