Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download

Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[RE-UP] Coffins - Sacrifice to Evil Spirit EP (2005)

I. Black Storm (00:42)
II. Sacrifice to Evil Spirit (06:29)
III. Into the Coffin (10:17)
IV. Warhead (Venom cover) (05:48)
V. The Unspeakable Pain (Live) (07:50)
VI. Warhead (Venom cover, Live) (05:58)


Extreme Death/Doom from Japan, sick!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paranoia Inducta - Evil Angel (2010)

I. Lond of the Damned (5:07)
II. Temple of Lies (4:52)
III. Evil Angel (7:04)
IV. Crying Game (4:40)
V. Hell Comes to Your Home (4:22)
VI. Save My Soul (2:24)
VII. Already Dead (5:35)
VIII. Ashes to Ashes (4:19)
IX. Not By It is Cover (4:57)
X. Voice pf Ouers Shadow (5:31)
XI. Silent Echos (5:05)


Deep dark ambient from Poland.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Lord Tagman - Amputações Dysenterias e Necrophagous (2011) EXXXTREME BRAZIL

01. Gamgrenosum Nojento (Introvomito)
02. Homoamputation Anatomical
03. Lesbicas in Masturbation Orgasm [Prod. Spock Lee]
04. Necrophagous Cadaverosum [Prod. Lord Tagman]
05. Gennitals Prostituta Herpes [Prod. Spock Lee]
06. Horrorbode Gennitalgore [Prod. Lord Tagman]
07. Abortion Infected by Ulcerrhoea
08. Slaughtered in the Vomit [Prod. Lord Tagman]
09. Autophagia Annal na Alejada
10. Vaginnorax e Instimullantes Vomitados
11. Penetração Bestial [Prod. Lord Tagman]
12. Noiva Vomitada Satanica
13. Porngore Bucetation
14. Bruxo Negro [Part. STK Demogorgon]
15. Ejaculation the Pig Homofobic
16. Aideticum Tuberckulosum (Interlúdio) [Prod. Spock Lee]
17. Phecullent by Purullent
18. Spermma Black Metal [Prod. Lord Tagman]
19. Satanás Vomitando e Jogando Nintendo [Prod. Lord Tagman]
20. Sporreitors All Face [prod. Lord Tagman]


Passing here today to release a update for you, disgusting and satanic..
Grindcore with a combination of Brutal Horrorcore!

[Vocal: Lord Tagman]

[Bateria: Lúcifer]

[Guitarra: Baphomet]

[Baixo: Gramunhão]

Friday, October 21, 2011

Putrid Pile - The Pleasure In Suffering (2005)

I. My Inner Demon (03:52)
II. S.T.F.C. "Strangle The Fucking Cunt" (03:07)
III. Rush-Hour Killing Spree (03:24)
IV. Putrid Pile (Of Rotting Corpses) (03:01)
V. Baby Brains (00:07)
VI. Gorging on Labia (03:13)
VII. Rip Her to Shreds (02:39)
VIII. Battered Bitch (02:41)
IX. Bind, Torture, Kill (00:58)
X. Caged and Awaiting Death (03:20)
XI. Circle Pit Commando (01:48)
XII. Food for the Maggots (03:24)



Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death (1988)

I. Lock Up Your Children (03:33)
II. Burned At the Stake (02:18)
III. Assassin (07:06)
IV. Damien (02:49)
V. Crying for Death (03:50)
VI. Spectrum of Death (00:44)
VII. Scars (07:12)
VIII. Beyond the Gates of Hell (04:48)


Psycho at each part, classic!!

Profane Grace - The Divination of Souls (1995)

I. The Divination of Souls (02:13)
II. Cryptic Ambiance (08:40)
III. Shadowlight (08:51)
IV. The Death of Enaucturus (08:28)
V. I Rites of the Dawn (12:56)
VI. II Ascension (06:39)
VII. III Falling (02:40)



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mortician - Zombie Apocalypse EP (1998)

I. Devoured Alive (03:16)
II. Incinerated (00:46)
III. Zombie Apocalypse (02:48)
IV. Slaughterhouse (01:53)
V. Hell on Earth (04:46)
VI. F.O.D. "Fuck of Death" (Slaughter cover) (04:03)
VII. Horrified (Repulsion cover) (01:50)
VIII. Charred Corpses (03:12)
IX. Dissected (00:52)
X. Blood Harvest (04:13)


"Children of terror
Elders are slaughtered
Blood sacrifices
To the god of corn.
A snippet of sound Blood Harvest, Inspired by the film Children of the Corn!!

sickness album!

Putrefy - One Nation Under Gore (2009)

I. The Necropolis (01:48)
II. One Nation Under Gore (02:27)
III. Fresh Meat (Slaughtered In Your Sleep) (04:20)
IV. The Killing Won't Stop (04:40)
V. Once Upon The Slap (03:39)
VI. Rip the Skin (Deflesh Your Bones) (03:32)
VII. I Wore Her Head As a Hat (04:03)
VIII. Slurpin' On Cuntslop (03:30)
IX. Raped By Rednecks (03:36)
X. Fatality Imminent (02:57)
XI. Fucked On Formaldehyde (04:05)
XII. Cranium Smashing Brutality (12:37)


One of the sickest albuns of Brutal Death !!
GORE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putrefy - Putrefy (2006)

I. Cannibal Holocaust (Intro) (01:14)
II. Lust So Vile (02:25)
III. Mutilated Slutfuck (03:50)
IV. Drowned In Concrete (01:43)
V. 12-Gauge Facelift (03:48)
VI. Putrefied Lust (03:25)
VII. Hung By The Tongue (02:30)
VIII. Pig Fucker (03:53)
IX. Tits, Clits and Hacked Off Bits (02:40)
X. Intestinal Vomit (03:03)
XI. Pleasures (With A Pick-Axe) (04:39)
XII. Excrement Eating Frenzy (03:34)
XIII. Putrefy (05:40)



Friday, June 10, 2011

Marc Broude - Medicine (2009)

I. Mineral Water (04:12)
II. Face Covered in Shit (05:39)
III. Fire on the Water (05:56)
IV. Happy Like Jazz (07:48)
V. For the Flies (05:55)
VI. War of the Worlds (06:26)
VII. Muerte (06:44)


Excellent, great-sounding weight!
Soon I'll be back with more posts, I'm in trouble.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buried Beneath - The Last Rays of the Moon (1998)

I. Reveal the Legacy [Intro] (01:23)
II. A Fate Worse Than Death (06:24)
III. Remember Salem (06:00)
IV. Make Them Die Slowly (06:09)
V. Wallowing in Misery (07:07)
VI. Forgotten Not the Natural Splendour (10:05)
VII. Gothic Sorrow [Intro] (01:28)
VIII. Into a Depressive Shade of Crimson (05:46)
IX. Spectrum of Impurity (07:52)
V. In Fields of Green I Wander.... (10:40)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Extreme black!!
and ambient gothic, from USA.

Cpt. Benny David - B-Sides From Within Vol.1 (2010)

I. Lepers March (03:55)
II. Instant (03:25)
III. Factory Floor (02:58)
IV. Dartmoor (03:20)
V. Kiss Away (05:20)
VI. Ambient Profond [Demo] (03:45)
VII. Intro [Version] (04:40)
VIII. Siren (04:18)
IX. Keyboard Set (03:11)
X. Pull the String (03:16)
XI. Tale Untold (03:37)
XII. Troubled Soul (04:27)
XIII. Rovias (03:40)
XIV. The Bats of Baker Street (04:23)
XV. The Devil Tape (03:53)



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cpt. Benny David - Metamorphism Ep (2010)

I. A Special Place (05:26)
II. Prey for Me (04:24)
III. Metamorphism (04:40)
IV. Desperate (05:36)


Excellent industrial dark ambient, from Brazil!!
I recommend!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

VA - Gummo Soundtrack (1998)

I. Absu - The Gold Torques Opf Ulaid (3:50)
II. Eyehategod - Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere (3:33)
III. The Electric Hellfire Club - D.W.S.O.B (4:09)
IV. Spazz - Gummo Love Theme (2:51)
V. Bethlehem - Schuld Uns'res Knoch'rigen Flatpferd (4:34)
VI. Burzum - Rundgang um Die Transzendentale Saule der Singularitat (06:35)
VII. Bathory - Equimanthorn (3:38)
VIII. Dark Noerd - Smokin Husk (4:58)
IX. Sleep - Dragonaut (5:41)
X. Brujeria - Matando Gueros '97 (3:14)
XI. Namanax - The Medicine Man (5:25)
XII. Nifelheim - Hellish Blasphemy (3:24)
XIII. Mortician - Skin Peeler (3:15)
XIV. Mystifier - Give the Human Devil His Due (5:28)
XV. Destroy All Monsters - Mom's and Dad's Pussy (1:59)
XVI. Bethlehem - Verschleierte Irrelgiositat (5:34)
XVII. Mischa Maisky - Suite No. 2 for Solo Cello in D Minor-Prelude (5:34)
XVIII. Sleep - Some Grass (0:48)
XIX. Rose Shephard and Ellen M. Smith - Jesus Loves Me (0:40)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Bombastic soundtrack, and also very good movie!!
Highly recommended!!!

OST with.. Mystifier from Bahia,Salvador (Brazil), Bathory, Spazz, Brujeria, Electric Hellfire Club, Sleep, Burzum, Bethlehem.. and others...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Equimanthorn - Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (1994)

I. Reflections of the First Rays of the Moon (Possess Me) - Part I (03:01)
II. The Cold Mystic Winds of Nanakanisurra (Dwelling South in the Crimson Desert: Roba El Khaliyeh) (13:33)
III. Augmn: Father to All (05:31)
IV. The King of the Southern Throne (06:54)
V. Thy Queen Ereshkigal (Truth of The Sword Shall Be Known to All) (06:50)
VI. Reflections of the First Rays of the Moon (In Search of the Shores of Rays) - Part II (05:42)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

VA - Memórias das Trevas (2011)

I. Nix's Eyes - Marchando Sobre Verdades Veladas (4:36)
II. A Industrya feat. Maurício Matos - Infância (4:33)
III. Sobota - Rememoração (7:12)
IV. Devilwork - O Milagre é uma Farça (3:14)
V. Posthuman Tantra - Consumocracia (7:05)
VI. Ipanema Psychic Surf - ...e a Bossa Permaneceu Calada (6:24)
VII. Proletariado Industrial - MR8 (7:04)
VIII. Gorium - Últimos Momentos, Últimos Pensamentos (4:32)
IX. Gabbrielleschi - Gilbertos Mendes contra Erasmos Dias num Mcdia Infeliz e uma Pianola Caindo na Tarde (25:51)
X. God Pussy - Sangue Derramado (2:21)


Trilha sonora de um passado obscuro... Pela primeira vez fora do calendário oficial das Forças Armadas, a “revolução” de 31 de março de 1964 – golpe de estado que instaurou no país uma ditadura que durou até 1985 – ainda é comemorada nos clubes militares. Em resposta, um grupo de artistas independentes se uniu para, em forma de música, revisitar os anos de chumbo no Brasil. O resultado é o registro Memórias das Trevas. O conceito por trás do trabalho pode ser resumido em uma pergunta que o idealizador G. Alves leu num fórum logo que manifestou o desejo de organizar a compilação: “Essa ideia de que durante o regime militar as coisas eram melhores e que havia ordem é predominante entre boa parte das pessoas que viveram aquele período. Isso se explica porque a grande imprensa jamais divulgava o que de fato estava acontecendo no país, pelo menos de forma direta, seja por medo da censura ou por mera conveniência de algumas empresas de comunicação, claramente alinhadas com o governo da época. Agora, quando pessoas da minha geração – que hoje estão na casa dos trinta – e mesmo os mais jovens - que foram alfabetizados com a internet - ignoram a história, isso é preocupante”, afirma. Sem dúvida, Memórias das Trevas despertará a curiosidade de muitos, que terão de pesquisar o que foi o MR8 ou quem foi Erasmo Dias. Ao mesmo tempo, encontrará resistência de tantos outros, diante dos gêneros pouco convencionais dos artistas que participam da compilação, como o industrial e o dark ambient. G. Alves justifica a proposta. “Não deixa de ser uma crítica à ditadura da indústria fonográfica que, apesar de também estar agonizando, ainda tem força para impor o que as pessoas devem ou não ouvir. Também abordamos outras formas de autoritarismo, como o consumismo e a religião. Não sei se as pessoas vão entender ou mesmo prestar atenção, mas nossa contribuição está aí, de graça, para todo mundo ouvir”.

Today I'm posting a compilation directly from Brazil, I hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Senda Negra - Solo la Muerte es Real [Demo] (1997)

I. Enfrentado
II. Parásito
III. Corrientes Profundas
IV. Three Bladed Doom
V. Hacia Donde Corre el Glaciar
VI. Hordas en Caos
VII. La Oscuridad Nos Muestra el Camino

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Pure Blackened Thrash Metal from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red Harvest - There's Beauty in the Purity of Sadness (1994)

I. Wounds (05:23)
II. Naked (04:19)
III. Resist (04:50)
IV. Mindblazt (04:34)
V. Mastodome (07:53)
VI. Shivers (02:48)
VII. [?] (01:39)
VIII. Mother of All (05:04)
IX. A.B.G.L.E.A.K. (02:37)
X. Sadness (05:31)
XI. The Art of Radiation (07:42)

Passworld ~> darkparadise


Friday, March 25, 2011

Ah Cama-Sotz - The House of the Lordh (2000)

I. God Is Deadh (7:25)
II. The Gathering (5:20)
III. Crucifixion of the Flesh (4:42)
IV. Bleeding Crosses (4:11)
V. Prophetic Vision (15:33)
VI. I Believe (5:53)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vinterriket - Der letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit entgegen (2005)

I. Herbststürme (3:14)
II. Tannenmeer (8:32)
III. Nachtgeflüster (8:12)
IV. Vergänglichkeit (8:28)
V. In Den Unendlichen Weiten Der Weißen Trostlosigkeit (3:28)
VI. Winterreise - Wege In Die Einsamkeit (9:16)
VII. Winternacht - Kalte Schwärze Im Bann Der Silbern Sonne (8:04)
VIII. Winternebel - Graue Schleier Der Ewigkeit (7:46)
IX. Heimgang Der Seelen (3:46)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Ambient BM from Germany!!

Black Funeral - Empire of Blood (1997)

I. Vampire: The Wisdom Within the Truth Without (1:27)
II. Opferblut (2:16)
III. The Land of Phantoms (3:52)
IV. Bathory Incarnate (Goddess of Death Arises) (3:40)
V. Der Werewolf (3:20)
VI. Knights Blood (3:42)
VII. Leviathan - The Black Oceans Roar (3:30)
VIII. Empire of Blood (3:29)
IX. Nihilist - Lord Sathanas Returns (2:57)
X. The Funeral Procession Descends (3:01)
XI. Journeys into Horizons Lost (4:27)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Band created by Michael W. Ford Luciferian incredible eternal creator of several other scenes, and leader of Luciferian beliefs!!

Infernal - Drowning in the Chalice of Sin (1993-94)

I. Intro - II Passagio/The Ends of Hell (5:42)
II. Smash the Enemy (2:54)
III. Bloody Rain (4:45)
IV. Morbid Dream (4:47)
V. Reaping Lives (4:55)
VI. Drowning in the Chalice of Sin (3:34)
VII. Eternal Battle (3:18)
VIII. Insurrection (4:24)
IX. The Endless Well of Torment (3:12)
X. Cathedral of Despair (7:15)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Maiz um fudidaço do Brazil, de Curitiba. banda que explodiu durante o final dos anos 80, e 90!!

Treha Sektori - Sorieh (2009)

I. Entori Kethesnah (3:34)
II. Tentureh (4:27)
III. Temneh Oh Sentireh (4:06)
IV. Interseiah Neh (1:50)
V. Presceth Keonah (6:35)
VI. Solva Entera (3:20)
VII. Senteoreh Kerassiah (4:55)
VIII. Reasiah Rehenerah Resoreh (15:13)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Phragments & Korinth - Mysteries of the Greylands (2010)

I. The Entrance (8:04)
II. The Rebirth of Symbols Long Forgotten (10:12)
III. The Mirror (6:28)
IV. Confronting Archetypes (5:01)
V. The Greylands (34:08)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Profane Grace - Epitaph of Shattered Dreams (1999)

I. Forever Sleep (5:05)
II. The Silentborn of Death (5:28)
III. Orchestra for the Damned (5:04)
IV. Transmutation of Flesh Into Dream (4:12)
V. Veiled in the Mists of Obscurity (5:42)
VI. Falling Petals of Black Roses (5:18)
VII. By Darkness Embraced (5:47)
VIII. Epitaph of Shattered Dreams (4:37)
IX. The Sorrowful Scent of Funeral Flowers (5:28)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Chad Davis & Robert Cruzan "The Profane Grace."
Excellent, sick album!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

VA - The Sound of Hate, Volume 7 (1998)

I. Ex.Order - Im Einsatz
II. Drape Excrement - Aberglaube
III. The Equinox - Dark Ways
IV. Dagda Mor - Fackel Des Blutes
V. Sektion Schlachthaus - Circulus Vitiosus
VI. Genocide Organ - Tonton Macoutes
VII. Ex.Order - Disintegration
VIII. Söldnergeist - Feuerzeichen Stalingrad
IX. The Equinox - Target
X. Dagda Mor - Sturmzauber
XI. Sorath - The Slaves Shall Serve (Extract)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ulf Söderberg - Vindarnas Hus (2003)

01. Vargskymning (05:11)
02. Vindarnas Hus (03:53)
03. Neapolis (04:37)
04. Blåeld (02:41)
05. Den Viskande Solen (04:22)
06. Sådan Var Vintern Om Sommaren (03:32)
07. Porten Mot Kadath (05:41)
08. Novembergudarna (03:57)
09. Nattfrost (01:59)
10. Morgonmåne (16:28)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

All My Faith Lost ... - As You're Vanishing in Silence (2005)

I. Come Close My Lover (1:47)
II. Your Silent Tears (4:53)
III. Rain Has Fallen All the Day (5:30)
IV. She Came to Me (4:51)
V. At That Hour (6:16)
VI. Triste Quiete (6:15)
VII. All Day I Hear Your Voice (7:32)
VIII. Disclose Your Eyes (3:35)
IX. Sleep Now (4:06)
X. Autumn (4:08)
XI. Silent Lady (7:27)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Hexentanz - The Sabbath Comes Softly EP (2002)

I. The Sabbath Comes Softly (4:48)
II. Charivari (1:30)
III. Osculum Infame (2:19)
IV. Asmodeus Rise (2:58)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

"Every lover of ritual music with a heavy medieval touch will need this release essentially...Really ancient rhythms, dark atmospheres, and archaic feelings." - Back Again Webzine

“From funeral procession music to frantic ritual drumming.” - Compulsion Magazine

“Dark soundscapes, filled with mental propoganda, taking you straight to Hell! Spooky!” - Gothic Beauty Magazine

Kammarheit - The Starwheel (2005)

I. Hypnagoga (4:06)
II. Spatium (4:47)
III. The Starwheel (Clockwise) (6:69)
IV. Klockstapeln (5:37)
V. The Starwheel (Counter Clockwise) (4:46)
VI. A Room Between the Rooms (6:31)
VII. Sleep After Toyle, Port After Stormie Seas (6:56)
VIII. All Quiet in the Land of the Frozen Scenes (6:54)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Excellent album with perfect atmosphere!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

VA - The Book Ov Shadowz (1998)

I. Dagda Mor - The Voice of War (4:21)
II. Stratvm Terror - Worms (3:53)
III. Soldnergeist - Hidden Powers of Nature (6:41)
IV. Ah Cama-Sotz - Opfer: Till Death Do Us Part (6:38)
V. Megaptera - Frozen Corpse (5:30)
VI. Predominance - Cathedral of Light (3:08)
VII. Inade - Tat Twam Asi Pt.II (7:03)
VIII. Tortura - Resistence Is Futile (7:20)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

VA - Death Odors II (1997)

I. Megaptera - Excerpts From: The Final Day (4:43)
II. Raison D'Etre - Saifeiod (6:34)
III. Deutsch Nepal - Pôpoülé (Feat. No Festival of Light) (11:01)
IV. Archon Satani - Antifada (4:44)
V. Negru Voda - Dark Territory (4:59)
VI. Stratvm Terror - Another Thong (6:08)
VII. Söldnergeist - You Are Dead (4:47)
VIII. Discipline - Warriors of the Abyss (5:20)
IX. No Festival of Light - Metsämarja (6:16)
X. Memoria - Pulled From Stone (5:06)
XI. Crepuscule - Dark Hearts (4:35)
XII. Keimverbreitung - Antroterapique (4:52)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tor Lundvall - The Mist (2001)

I. Ribbon (2:06)
II.Ghost Girl (5:50)
III. Streets (2:59)
IV. 29 (5:24)
V. Leave (2:24)
VI. Crooked (4:22)
VII. Dead Moon (2:25)
VIII. The Hollow (3:51)
IX. Pale Sun (3:35)
X. 6:00 AM (2:50
XI. Outpost (2:38)
XII. Grey Life (4:24)
XIII. The Mist (3:51)
XIV. Her Train (3:04)
XV. Remember (3:58)
XVI. The Years (3:22)
XVII. Dark Spring (2:28)
XVIII. The Green Darner (4:03)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Yasnaïa - Oniro (1996)

I. Oniro (1:13:53)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Are exactly ten tracks, with this sequence...
I. La Fusion D'Angoisse Et La Curiosité (10:45)
II. One Thousand Angels Dancing On A Pin's Head (6:12)
III. Enoema Elisj (4:46)
IV. Charun Eth Chara (8:06)
V. Aïzen Myoo (6:05)
VI. Orange In The Air (7:22)
VII. A Dream Unfinished (7:35)
VIII. Kailash (5:49)
IX. Who Am I? (6:06)
X. Ta-Tshenen (11:06)

Brighter Death Now - Pain in Progress (1998)

I. Shatterer of Earth (4:52)
II. Pain in Progress (6:11)
III. Certified Dead (8:01)
IV. Dachau - Anthem (5:31)
V. Still Murder (4:40)
VI. Meat Processing (3:49)
VII. Heart of Stone (4:38)
VIII. Bloodshower (5:42)
IX. Bloodsex & Murders (4:16)
X. Serapeum (3:50)
XI. Maruta Komand (3:53)
XII. Blood On the Sheets (4:46)
XIII. DeathKomh. (5:11)
XIV. Meat Improvement (3:52)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

This album also has it's version in '90 with nine tracks!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stratvm Terror - This Is My Own Hell (2008)

I. ... (2:11)
II. In Oblivion (7:17)
III. Unveiled Is My Skin (8:40)
IV. In God We Do Not Trust (10:26)
V. Walk With Fire (5:02)
VI. No Redemption No Remorse (3:00)
VII. My Hell (9:48)
VIII. Now Ever Sleep (13:56)

Passworld ~> darkparadise


Azaghal - Of Beasts and Vultures (2002)

I. Helwettiläinen (The Infernal One) (6:32)
II. Welho (Wizard) (4:57)
III. Reign (3:06)
IV. Kaikki Elävä Kuihtuu (All Life Withers) (5:06)
V. Of Beasts and Vultures (3:13)
VI. Peto - 6 6 6 (The Beast - 6 6 6) (4:38)
VII. Minä Olen Tie (I Am the Way) (4:54)
VIII. Verenjano (Bloodthirst) (2:41)
IX. Epilogue (2:41)
X. 13 Candles (Bathory cover) (4:35)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Domain - Pandemonium (1995)

I. The Beginning (1:38)
II. Blood of God (3:43)
III. Immemoreal Legend (3:01)
IV. Sword into Heart of Lies (3:38)
V. The Calling (3:38)
VI. Hagia Sophia (4:35)
VII. Lost Preexistence (3:43)
VIII. Mirror of Hate (5:47)
IX. Somewhere Above (3:01)
X. Lost Preexistence (Remix) (3:43)

Passworld ~> darkparadise


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Num Skull - When Suffering Comes (1996)

I. Eyes of a Madman (3:25)
II. The Gift of Hate (2:32)
III. Mercitron (2:43)
IV. In Sickness (3:20)
V. Spill Your Guts (6:33)
VI. As the Dead Pile High (3:10)
VII. Inquisition of the Guilty (3:44)
VIII. Force Fed Lies (2:59)
IX. Buried Alive (Venom cover) (4:27)

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REVIEW by: Chronicles of Chaos.
Although their spelled-wrong-on-purpose band name keeps making me think of hair metal wussies Ruff Cutt, these guys have absolutely nothing to do with wussy-hood. Nope, this is brutal death, North American-style - the kind of thing that would make Ruff Cutt wet their spandex pants; and if you're big on this particular style, then you're almost certain to like it. It's superbly heavy, with a bit of early Suffocation feel to the sound, plus some crushing mid-tempo grooves and rhythm guitars that occasionally remind me of Malevolent Creation's uber-powerful _Retribution_. What I especially like about the album is the genuine old-school vibe it's got going: these guys are much more interested in morbid heaviness and unpretentious structures than in needlessly technical riffing and constant tempo changes. Not that it's monotonous, though. There are some great, barbaric dynamics on tracks like "As the Dead Pile High," "The Gift of Hate," and opener "Eyes of a Madman." Another cool touch: they close with a cover of Venom's "Buried Alive," a song which definitely benefits from an injection of death metal heaviness. The production is solid, and so are all the performances. Why didn't I give it a higher score? Well, at 33 minutes for nine tracks, the compositions are all fairly short, and some songs don't really seem to go anywhere in the course of their brief durations. More to the point: although definitely enjoyable, Num Skull are lacking in any real distinctness that might set them apart from their peers. But hell yeah, they know what they're doing, and this is undeniably very heavy.