Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Red Harvest - Sick Transit Gloria Mundi (2002)

I. U.G.X.
II. AEP (Advanced Evolutionary Progression)
III. Godtech
IV. Humanoia
V. Dead
VI. CyberNaut
VII. Beyond the End
VIII. Desolation
IX. Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
X. Dead Man Don't Rape
XI. WeltSchmertz
XII. [Dead End]

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Brief return!


I inform that I took a vacation from the blog because my internet is bad, more will soon be back.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lords of the Stone - Nightflowers (1997)

I. Unbound (4:39)
II. The Oldest Dance (5:44)
III. Serenity (4:56)
IV. Memories (6:42)
V. Power of the Wolf (4:51)
VI. Fire in the Water (5:30)
VII. Wander (4:53)
VIII. Drifting Leaves (4:15)
IX. Weep (4:18)
X. Decisions (5:09)
XI. Undeceived (3:40)

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Old doom!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Babylon Sad - Kyrie (1993)

I. Alma - Tedam Redemptoris (1:04)
II. Pictures Of Paradise (8:37)
III. Unknown Tribe (8:42)
IV. Manifest 05 (3:18)
V. Seance (1:03)
VI. Gothic Spring (5:32)
VII. End Title (1:07)
VIII. The Awakening (4:51)
IX. Wandering Spirit (4:21)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sistrenatus - Division One (2007)

I. I (2:24)
II. II (4:01)
III. III (2:53)
IV. IV (3:39)
V. V (5:48)
VI. VI (4:59)
VII. VII (3:28)
VIII. VIII (4:11)
IX. IX (5:31)

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sistrenatus - Sensitive Disturbance (2009)

I. Disrepair (0:44)
II. Frequency Contamination (8:10)
III. Rusted Earth (6:38)
IV. Echos from the Past (8:42)
V. Slow - Wave (4:44)
VI. Lost Transmission (11:22)
VII. Forgotten (7:53)

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Drone fucked!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Control - The Cleansing (2004)

I have problems to post something on the blog, my computer is not responding. I'll be back soon!

I leave one more album for you!!

I. Disease (5:53)
II. Deciding Factor (5:05)
III. Cleansing (4:46)
IV. Elite (5:09)
V. The Final Day (5:19)
VI. Abduction (4:41)
VII. Demise (5:20)
VIII. Praying to Bleed (5:10)
IX. Lustkiller (5:09)

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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Rita - Thousands of Dead Gods (2006)

I. Thousands of Dead Gods (59:01)

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Risen Throne & Cruel Harvest - Shadows over Humanity (2005)

I. New Risem Throne - Rex Verminorum (II) (11:29)
II. New Risem Throne - At the Shadow of the Gates (9:28)
III. New Risem Throne - Annointing Rite (10:27)
IV. Cruel Harvest - Black Aura Funeral March (8:20)
V. Cruel Harvest - Sacred (10:27)
VI. Cruel Harvest - Haunted by the Same Dream (6:23)
VII. Cruel Harvest - The Darkness Beyond (6:24)

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In the Woods... - Heart of the Ages (1995)

I. Yearning the Seeds of a New Dimension (12:24)
II. Heart of the Ages (8:23)
III. the Woods (7:50)
IV. Mourning the Death of Aase (3:33)
V. Wotan's Return (14:52)
VI. Pigeon (3:01)
VII. The Divinity of Wisdom (9:08)

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I was listening to it just now, I found this fucking around. Their obligation to have!
Very nice.

Stabat Mater - Stabat Mater (2009)

I. Untitled (0:10)
II. Triumph of Genocide (10:14)
III. Untitled (0:10)
IV. Untitled (0:10)
V. Casting the First Stone (8:12)
VI. Stabat Mater (19:27)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

V:28 - NonAnthropogenic (2003)

I. Consumed By Schizophrenia (1:09)
II. Dead Shining Star (4:45)
III. The Human Element (4:48)
IV. To Be Tuned (4:13)
V. Perspective (6:24)
VI. Everything But Life (0:47)
VII. Soldier of the Neverending War (4:45)
VIII. Purity (3:38)
IX. The Fall of Science (5:04)
X. Zero Nothing (8:36)

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Atomine Elektrine - The Deep Invisible (2008)

I. The Deep Invisible (48:47)

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V:28 - SoulSaviour (2005)

I. The Brightest Light
II. Unleash the Energy
III. A Prophecy Written In Uranium
IV. Infected By Life
V. The Purifying Flames
VI. Solid Structure Unkown
VII. As the Sky Opens
VIII. deConstructor
IX. Dead Men's Choir

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coffins - Sacrifice to Evil Spirit (2005)

I. Black Storm
II. Sacrifice to Evil Spirit
III. Into the Coffin
IV. Warhead (Venom cover)
V. The Unspeakable Pain (Live)
VI. Warhead (Venom cover) (Live)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coffins - The Other Side of Blasphemy (2006)

I. Blood and Bone
II. The Other Side of Blasphemy
III. Evil Infection
IV. Destiny to Suffering
V. Countless Grave
VI. Only Corpse
VII. Rise

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Monday, September 20, 2010

V:28 - VioLution (2007)

I. Exequor
II. Shut It Down
III. The Absolute
IV. Pattern of the Weak
V. Surrender to Oblivion
VI. World Wide Bombing Day
VII. Desert Generator
VIII. Can You See the Light Now-
IX. When Entorpy Decreases

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Very well produced album!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nordvargr/Drakh - The Betrayal of Light (2007)

I. The Betrayal of Light
II. Enclosed Inclusion
III. Vessel
IV. Ambiguous Anatomy
V. Reaction Infernale
VI. Ende

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Ett, två, tre, fyra, fem, 666!!!
As well as 6 tracks equal in 2002, this small album with its small footprint of Doom Metal became let's say the best of this partnership.

Nordvargr/Drakh - Infinitas In Aeternum (2004)

I. Beryll
II. Lla
III. Black Emitting Oven
IV. Scotopic Vision
V. Decomposition of Forces
VI. Skiatron

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Too dark and obscure end to end the 666 tracks, they sent thiz very well!

KK Null • Moz: A Split Release (2000)

I. KK Null - Kxyl
II. KK Null - Giant Walking In A Tunnel Of Libido
III. KK Null - Psychopathic Surfing
IV. KK Null - Hypnocide
V. KK Null - Quid Pro Quo
VI. Moz - Release Valve
VII. Moz - Wage Slave
VIII. Moz - Degradation Of Divinity
IX. Moz - Untitled 1
X. Moz - Imperialism
XI. Moz - Untitled 2
XII. Moz - Funeral Procession
XIII. Moz - Asylum

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Valefor - Death Magick (1996)

I. Oceans Turn Bloodred
II. Ankon, Bearer of the Skythe
III. Bubonic Death
IV. Ritual Trance
V. Plague, Blood and Astral Energies
VI. Chemical Disease
VII. Death Magick
VIII. Spells of Darkness and Death
IX. The Beast Within Man
X. The Sphere of Mars

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Fantastic album mastered by Jouni Havukainen (In Slaughter Natives) & Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now.)

Sophia - Aus der Welt (2001)

I. Strenght Through Sorrow
II. March of the New King
III. Aus der Welt
IV. Sono de Ignis

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Monday, September 13, 2010

VA - V:28 - Total Reconstruction (2008)

I. Nordvargr - Desert Generator Hell
II. Beyond Sensory Experience - Pattern Of The Weak (Remix)
III. Megaptera - Infected By Life (Rmx 33 Rpm LP-Version)
IV. Manes - Absolute Nothing (Manes Redux)
V. Des Esseintes - To Be Detuned
VI. Lrz - Surrender To Oblivion (Dark Resonance Mix)
VII. Thrawn Hellspawn - When Entropy Is Thwarted
VIII. Shinjuku Thief / EPA - Solid Structure Undone
IX. Desiderii Marginis - Dead Men's Choir (Remix)
X. Origami Galaktika - Towards The Sun, Swansong (Zero Nothing Remixed)
XI. V28 featuring Coph Nia - All Lined Up (Swans cover)
XII. V28 - One Last Breath (Bleak cover)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

This came out by the CMI, V:28 was a band formed in 2002 stamp!
It is almost a kind tribute to the group, leave it and to download to you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Megaptera - Curse of the Scarecrow (1998)

I. Disturbance
II. Cog-Wheel Machinery
III. Don't Desecrate The Dead
IV. The Curse Of The Scarecrow
V. More Disturbance
VI. Hear My Bowels
VII. Kingdom Of Death
VIII. Skullfracture

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Lustmord - A Document Of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation (1991)

I. A.T.M.O.M.
II. Headplate
III. Sibling
IV. Murderwrecker
V. Slabstone
VI. Arise
VII. Credo/Nemo
VIII. Beast of Burden Beast of Prey
IX. Ovenblast (Live October 1981)
X. Amok (Live February 1982)
XI. Words of Voice
XII. Boneing of Men
XIII. Of Bones of Men

Passworld ~> darkparadise

This is a rare work to download Lustmord launched in 1991 by Dark Vinyl!
I made a sacrifice to fix it then download now.

Or buy the site of Old Europe Cafe!

Num Skull - Ritually Abused (1988)

I. The End
II. Ritually Abused
III. Death And Innocence
IV. No Morals
V. Friday's Child
VI. Off With Your Head
VII. The Henchman
VIII. Pirate's Night
IX. Turn Of A Screw
X. Kiss Me, Kill Me
XI. Rigor Mortis
XII. Murder By The Minister (Bonus Track)

Passworld ~>

Precisei deixar isto aqui a v666, clássico pra ninguém botar defeito. Quem naum tem ou naum conhece trate te baixar agora mesmo!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Melek-Tha - De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca (1999)

I. Diabolical Diatribes (Hell On Earth Prelude)
II. De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca
III. Damnum Minatum Ac Malum Secutum
IV. Igrega Du Diablo
V. Pseudomonarchia Daemonium
VI. Hein Horra
VII. Hell On Earth
VIII. Soumo De Secta Vaudensium

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Coffins - Buried Death (2008)

I. Under the Stench
II. Buried Death
III. Cadaver Blood
IV. Altars in Gore
V. Mortification to Ruin
VI. Deadly Sinners
VII. Pugatorial Madness
VIII. The Frozen Styx

Passworld ~>

Mais um presente do meu blog antigo!

Melek-Tha - Evil Is Too Strong (2000)

I. Maelstrom Of Impurity
II. Unholy Symbolik Code 666
III. Tribal Fean
IV. Crescit Cum Magia Haeresis, Cum Haeresi Magia
V. Mind Absortion
VI. The Triumphator
VII. Mechanical Destruction
VIII. Lucifer's Rising

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Death/Noise pure!

Archon Satani - In Shelter (1994)

I. Sheltering - Offering
II. Fleshseed
III. Deadbeat
IV. Entering an soul
V. Abhorence

Passworld ~> darkparadise


Dissecting Table - Dead Zone (1995)

I. Dead Zone
II. Slaughter Machine
III. Brainwash
IV. In My Mind

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtrack (2008)

I. Shot Down In Flames
II. Meltdown
III. Evil Apptite
IV. Wrong Is Right
V. Not Tomorrow 3
VI. Monster Daddy
VII. King of Adiemus
VIII. Don't Abuse Me
IX. Underworld 4
X. Acid Horse
XI. O.R.T.
XII. Insectcide1
XIII. Raw Power
XIV. A Million Miles
XV. Battle Drums
XVI. The Wicked End
XVII. Blow Back
XVIII. Real Solution
XIX. The Healer
XX. Snowblind
XXI. Behind the Wall of Sleep
XXII. Drowning
XXIII. Murder Song
XXIV. Not Tomorrow 4
XXV. Theme of Sabre Dance
XXVI. Hole in the Sky

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Now let aberration original game Silent Hill Origins made whole by Akira Yamaoka and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's presence on some tracks!

De todas as soundtracks que ouve deste game, está foi a mais deonte sem dúvidas.

Avulsed - Gorespattered Suicide (2005)

I. Gorespattered Suicide
II. Burnt But Not Carbonised
III. Filth Injected
IV. Infernal Haemorrhoids
V. 4 N Sick
VI. Harvesting The Blood
VII. Let Me Taste Your Flesh
VIII. Hoax Therapy (Instrumental)
IX. Divine Wine
X. Protervia
XI. Eat Foetal Mush
XII. Ace Of Spades (Motörhead cover)

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Avulsed - Carnivoracity (1995)

I. Carnivoracity
II. Cradle of Bones
III. Demoniac Possession (Pentagram cover)
IV. Morgue Defilement (Live)
V. Bodily Ransack (Live)
VI. As I Behold I Despise (Demigod cover) (Live)
VII. Gangrened Divine Stigma (Live)
VIII. Cradle of Bones (Played Faster) (Live)
IX. Carnivoracity (Live)
X. Raining Blood (Slayer cover) (Live)
XI. Matando Güeros (Brujeria cover) (Live)

Passworld ~> BrutalidadeSonora

The album has two versions, the other has three or four sounds!
More is different version was fucking sounds live apart from the cover fucked.
Classic of Gore!!!

Breve deixo a discografia completa, e dar continualidade ao Dark Paradise aqui no blog!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tearstained - Monumental in Its Sorrow (1999)

I. The End of This Incantation
II. The Clouds That Grieve...
III. Thunderstorms Ease Me
IV. Bat Horde
V. Suicide Pact
VI. Dead to the World
VII. The Death of All That is Beautiful
VIII. Tearstained Nightsky
IX. Equimanthorn (Bathory cover) # For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica cover)

Passworld ~> BrutalidadeSonora

Desiderii Marginis - Songs Over Ruins (1997)

I. Song Over Ruins I
II. Scintillate II
III. Ephemeral
IV. Chrism
V. Entombment
VI. Ashes
VII. Solemn Descent
VIII. The Core of Hell II
IX. Embossed in Bones, Hidden...
X. Songs Over Ruins II
XI. Chreston

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dark Funeral & Infernal - Under Wings of Hell (2002)

I. Open the Gates
II. Shadows Over Transylvania
III. My Dark Desires
IV. In the Sign of the Horns
V. Requiem (The Coming Age of Satan)
VI. Wrath of the Infernal One
VII. Storms of Armageddon
VIII. Under the Hellsign

Passworld ~> bruttalydadesonora

Old post!

Avulsed - Bloodcovered (2001)

I. Immortal Rites (Morbid Angel cover)
II. Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment (Carcass cover)
III. Edible Autopsy (Cannibal Corpse cover)
IV. Magic Dragon (Sodom cover)
V. Inner Self (Live) (Sepultura cover)

Passworld ~>

The most perfect cover of famous bands I've ever seen written in perfect Death Metal!
One more post from my old blog, download it and why it iz very cool!

Faixa mais foda na minha opinião foi o cover do Sodom, MAGIC DRAGON.

Avulsed - Yearning For The Grotesque (2003)

I. Wormeaten
II. Devourer Of The Dead
III. Pale Red Blood
IV. Sick Sick Sex
V. Daddy Stew
VI. I Feel Good... Eating Human Flesh
VII. Foetivorous Marriage
VIII. Morbid Chef
IX. Cadaver Decapitado
X. Decrepit Sigh

Passworld ~> darkparadise

I could not exist here and let this album the band too fucked Spanish Gore!

Não consegui existir e deixo aqui este album muito fodido da banda espanhola de Gore!
Logo abaixo confiram o site e myspace official deles.

AVULSED - Official Galery Of Gore...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mz.412 - Burning the Temple of God (1996)

I Deklaration of Holy War
II. The Winter of Mourning
III. Feasting on Khristian Blood
IV. Taking the Throne
V. Burning... (God's House)
VI. Submit and Obey
VII. Nebulah Frost
VIII. Vampiir of the North
IX. De Ondas Vandring

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Perfect sound, I recommend people not weak!

Akira Yamaoka - Meltdown (Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtrack)

This I consider a true icon of music hellish!

Letum - The Entrance to Salvation (2001)

I. A Scent Of A Tear
II. Ictus
III. A Vague Light In The River
IV. Solitude Of The Dead
V. Adoration
VI. Tallriksis
VII. The Path Of Loneliness
VIII. Sealed With No Belief
IX. The Inner Salvation
X. The Final Process

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Friday, September 3, 2010

Folkstorm - For the Love of Hate (2002)

I. Arbetare-Bödel
II. In the Name of Culture
III. Swarm
IV. Epilogue 6
V. Cleansing
VI. Legja
VII. The Death of a Prophet
VIII. Enemy
IX. Indoktrination
X. Untitled

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hospital - Sickness (2010)

I. Rapist
II. Killing Me
III. Altered
IV. Inside a Body

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Monday, August 30, 2010

VA - In Conspiracy With Satan: A Tribute to Bathory (1998)

I. Marduk - In Conspiracy With Satan
II. Ophthalamia - Sacrifice
III. Gehennah - Reaper
IV. Dark Funeral - Equimanthorn
V. Emperor - A Fine Day to Die
VI. Lord Belial - Massacre
VII. The Abyss - Armageddon
VIII. Marduk - Woman of Dark Desires
IX. Nifelheim - Die on Fire
X. Necrophobic - Enter the Eternal Fire
XI. Dark Funeral - Call from the Grave
XII. Sacramentum - 12 Candles
XIII. Unanimated - Raise the Dead
XIX. Satyricon - Born for Burning
XV. War - War

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Dedicated to the best!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Infinite Inertia - Murk Portal (2010)

I. Whisper in the Dark
II. Never Heal
III. Space Usurper
IV. Vividus Desertum
V. Orbit Moratorium
VI. Murk Portal
VII. Cancroid Astroid
VIII. Dissolving Soil
IX. Gold City Collapse
X. Howl to the Hole


Check ~> VULTURE

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Funeral - The Older Ones (1999)

I. Abduction of Limbs
II. Annoying Individual
III. Skin and Bone
IV. Haunted
V. Incantation
VI. Devoured Carcass
VII. Forced to be Lost
VIII. Alone Walking
IX. Lyketemenn
X. Into Hades
XI. My Tyrant Grace
XII. Devoured Carcass (Live)

Passworld ~>

This old blog!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Brighter Death Now - Necrose Evangelicum (1995)

I. Willful
II. Soul in Flames
III. Impasse
IV. Rain. Red Rain
V. Deathgrant
VI. Necrose Evangelicum

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1986)

I. Nocternal Obeisance
II. Massacre
III. Woman of Dark Desires
IV. Call from the Grave
V. Equimanthorn
VI. Enter the Eternal Fire
VII. Chariots of Fire
VIII. 13 Candles
IX. Of Doom

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Excellent album and the best of them in my opinion and that changed my life! I hear more tracks are "Call from the Grave." "Enter the Eternal Fire." "13 Candles."
Ultimately, the album is perfect!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sephiroth - Draconian Poetry (2005)

I. The Call of the Serpent
II. Dark Garden
III. Uthul Khulture
IV. Therasia
V. A Map of Eden Before the Storms
VI. The Clock of Distant Dreams
VII. Now Night Her Course Began

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aghast - Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis (1994)

I. Enthral
II. Sacrifice
III. Enter the Hall of Ice
IV. Call from the Grave
V. Totentaz
VI. The Darkest Desire
VII. Das Irrlicht
VIII. Ende

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deutsch Nepal - ¡Comprendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending (1996)

I. Benevolence - 92
II. Thomas 29 Needles
III. World Mirror
IV. Morgue Restaurant
V. Gouge Free Market
VI. Tender Lover
VII. Pain Is The Language We Use
VIII. The Phlegethon Fish
IX. Auto Gamic Drummers
X. Poison Free Market

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