Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Putrid Pile - The Pleasure In Suffering (2005)

I. My Inner Demon (03:52)
II. S.T.F.C. "Strangle The Fucking Cunt" (03:07)
III. Rush-Hour Killing Spree (03:24)
IV. Putrid Pile (Of Rotting Corpses) (03:01)
V. Baby Brains (00:07)
VI. Gorging on Labia (03:13)
VII. Rip Her to Shreds (02:39)
VIII. Battered Bitch (02:41)
IX. Bind, Torture, Kill (00:58)
X. Caged and Awaiting Death (03:20)
XI. Circle Pit Commando (01:48)
XII. Food for the Maggots (03:24)



Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death (1988)

I. Lock Up Your Children (03:33)
II. Burned At the Stake (02:18)
III. Assassin (07:06)
IV. Damien (02:49)
V. Crying for Death (03:50)
VI. Spectrum of Death (00:44)
VII. Scars (07:12)
VIII. Beyond the Gates of Hell (04:48)


Psycho at each part, classic!!

Profane Grace - The Divination of Souls (1995)

I. The Divination of Souls (02:13)
II. Cryptic Ambiance (08:40)
III. Shadowlight (08:51)
IV. The Death of Enaucturus (08:28)
V. I Rites of the Dawn (12:56)
VI. II Ascension (06:39)
VII. III Falling (02:40)



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mortician - Zombie Apocalypse EP (1998)

I. Devoured Alive (03:16)
II. Incinerated (00:46)
III. Zombie Apocalypse (02:48)
IV. Slaughterhouse (01:53)
V. Hell on Earth (04:46)
VI. F.O.D. "Fuck of Death" (Slaughter cover) (04:03)
VII. Horrified (Repulsion cover) (01:50)
VIII. Charred Corpses (03:12)
IX. Dissected (00:52)
X. Blood Harvest (04:13)


"Children of terror
Elders are slaughtered
Blood sacrifices
To the god of corn.
A snippet of sound Blood Harvest, Inspired by the film Children of the Corn!!

sickness album!

Putrefy - One Nation Under Gore (2009)

I. The Necropolis (01:48)
II. One Nation Under Gore (02:27)
III. Fresh Meat (Slaughtered In Your Sleep) (04:20)
IV. The Killing Won't Stop (04:40)
V. Once Upon The Slap (03:39)
VI. Rip the Skin (Deflesh Your Bones) (03:32)
VII. I Wore Her Head As a Hat (04:03)
VIII. Slurpin' On Cuntslop (03:30)
IX. Raped By Rednecks (03:36)
X. Fatality Imminent (02:57)
XI. Fucked On Formaldehyde (04:05)
XII. Cranium Smashing Brutality (12:37)


One of the sickest albuns of Brutal Death !!
GORE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putrefy - Putrefy (2006)

I. Cannibal Holocaust (Intro) (01:14)
II. Lust So Vile (02:25)
III. Mutilated Slutfuck (03:50)
IV. Drowned In Concrete (01:43)
V. 12-Gauge Facelift (03:48)
VI. Putrefied Lust (03:25)
VII. Hung By The Tongue (02:30)
VIII. Pig Fucker (03:53)
IX. Tits, Clits and Hacked Off Bits (02:40)
X. Intestinal Vomit (03:03)
XI. Pleasures (With A Pick-Axe) (04:39)
XII. Excrement Eating Frenzy (03:34)
XIII. Putrefy (05:40)