Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

C.O.F.O.C. - Demo (2013)

Founded in March'13 by Noktvrnal Kvlt, with the intention of recovering the true essence of what it is to be black metal, raw, dirty and primitive as it should be. A partner almost a Noktvrnal Kvlt's brother joins the band. He goes by the pseudonym "Embalmer", the group has had a dark and demonic material, waiting to be recorded. Enter the studio to record the first demo Self-Titled "C.O.F.O.C.". With this demo the reached the underground with a punch in the face of all, had a considerable impact in the underground scene. Being released via Black Evil Productions Netlabel, and the Brazilian label called Bosque Produções, in CD-R limited to 30 hand-numbered copies.
"C.O.F.O.C. are a very great sounding heavy, raw and primitive black metal band."
-Occult Black Metal Zine in April 15, 2013 Recorded and Mixed At Black Evil Studios in March '13 

Noktvrnal Kvlt - All Vocals And Guitars
Embalmer - Drums


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