Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Maestro Infernal - Otherworld (2014)

01. Intro [0:51]
02. Otherworld [07:52]
03. Traces [01:54]
04. A Haunting Presence (Part 1) [07:10]
05. Silence in Heaven [05:19]
06. Room [08:13]
07. Wrong Place [04:03]
08. Noktvrnal Kvlt - Otherworld (Maestro Infernal cover) (Bonus Track) [18:33]
09. Unknown Space (Bonus Track) [03:57]
10. Brainwash (Bonus Track) [05:13]

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Finalmente meu album pra download. algumas faixas trabalhadas em 2011 hà 2012, não pude lançar nesses anos, mas ae está finalmente.
a faixa 08 o Noktvrnal fez um cover de 18 minutos e resolvi adiciona-la ao album, em breve um split com ele e com mais um amigo.
Finally my album to download. some tracks worked in 2011 to 2012 could not release those years, but is finally now.
the track 08 the Noktvrnal did a cover of 18 minutes and me decided to add it to the album, soon a split with him and another friend.


  1. A brilliant brand of darkness..
    Very fine album my friend!

  2. btw, I posted a link to the album on my blog,

  3. Thanks for posting on your blog and thank you also for the words, my friend Vulture!!