Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download

Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mortician - Zombie Apocalypse EP (1998)

I. Devoured Alive (03:16)
II. Incinerated (00:46)
III. Zombie Apocalypse (02:48)
IV. Slaughterhouse (01:53)
V. Hell on Earth (04:46)
VI. F.O.D. "Fuck of Death" (Slaughter cover) (04:03)
VII. Horrified (Repulsion cover) (01:50)
VIII. Charred Corpses (03:12)
IX. Dissected (00:52)
X. Blood Harvest (04:13)


"Children of terror
Elders are slaughtered
Blood sacrifices
To the god of corn.
A snippet of sound Blood Harvest, Inspired by the film Children of the Corn!!

sickness album!

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