Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download

Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Putrid Pile - The Pleasure In Suffering (2005)

I. My Inner Demon (03:52)
II. S.T.F.C. "Strangle The Fucking Cunt" (03:07)
III. Rush-Hour Killing Spree (03:24)
IV. Putrid Pile (Of Rotting Corpses) (03:01)
V. Baby Brains (00:07)
VI. Gorging on Labia (03:13)
VII. Rip Her to Shreds (02:39)
VIII. Battered Bitch (02:41)
IX. Bind, Torture, Kill (00:58)
X. Caged and Awaiting Death (03:20)
XI. Circle Pit Commando (01:48)
XII. Food for the Maggots (03:24)



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