Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Lord Tagman - Amputações Dysenterias e Necrophagous (2011) EXXXTREME BRAZIL

01. Gamgrenosum Nojento (Introvomito)
02. Homoamputation Anatomical
03. Lesbicas in Masturbation Orgasm [Prod. Spock Lee]
04. Necrophagous Cadaverosum [Prod. Lord Tagman]
05. Gennitals Prostituta Herpes [Prod. Spock Lee]
06. Horrorbode Gennitalgore [Prod. Lord Tagman]
07. Abortion Infected by Ulcerrhoea
08. Slaughtered in the Vomit [Prod. Lord Tagman]
09. Autophagia Annal na Alejada
10. Vaginnorax e Instimullantes Vomitados
11. Penetração Bestial [Prod. Lord Tagman]
12. Noiva Vomitada Satanica
13. Porngore Bucetation
14. Bruxo Negro [Part. STK Demogorgon]
15. Ejaculation the Pig Homofobic
16. Aideticum Tuberckulosum (Interlúdio) [Prod. Spock Lee]
17. Phecullent by Purullent
18. Spermma Black Metal [Prod. Lord Tagman]
19. Satanás Vomitando e Jogando Nintendo [Prod. Lord Tagman]
20. Sporreitors All Face [prod. Lord Tagman]


Passing here today to release a update for you, disgusting and satanic..
Grindcore with a combination of Brutal Horrorcore!

[Vocal: Lord Tagman]

[Bateria: Lúcifer]

[Guitarra: Baphomet]

[Baixo: Gramunhão]

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