Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download

Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Avulsed - Carnivoracity (1995)

I. Carnivoracity
II. Cradle of Bones
III. Demoniac Possession (Pentagram cover)
IV. Morgue Defilement (Live)
V. Bodily Ransack (Live)
VI. As I Behold I Despise (Demigod cover) (Live)
VII. Gangrened Divine Stigma (Live)
VIII. Cradle of Bones (Played Faster) (Live)
IX. Carnivoracity (Live)
X. Raining Blood (Slayer cover) (Live)
XI. Matando G├╝eros (Brujeria cover) (Live)

Passworld ~> BrutalidadeSonora

The album has two versions, the other has three or four sounds!
More is different version was fucking sounds live apart from the cover fucked.
Classic of Gore!!!

Breve deixo a discografia completa, e dar continualidade ao Dark Paradise aqui no blog!

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