Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lustmord - A Document Of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation (1991)

I. A.T.M.O.M.
II. Headplate
III. Sibling
IV. Murderwrecker
V. Slabstone
VI. Arise
VII. Credo/Nemo
VIII. Beast of Burden Beast of Prey
IX. Ovenblast (Live October 1981)
X. Amok (Live February 1982)
XI. Words of Voice
XII. Boneing of Men
XIII. Of Bones of Men

Passworld ~> darkparadise

This is a rare work to download Lustmord launched in 1991 by Dark Vinyl!
I made a sacrifice to fix it then download now.

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