Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download

Otherworld (album) and Cold Souls (split) to download
OTHERWORLD: http://welcometothedarkparadise.blogspot.com.br/2014/05/maestro-infernal-otherworld-2014.html |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| COLD SOULS: http://welcometothedarkparadise.blogspot.com.br/2014/06/nebula-nigrum-in-hours-of-darkness.html

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nordvargr/Drakh - The Betrayal of Light (2007)

I. The Betrayal of Light
II. Enclosed Inclusion
III. Vessel
IV. Ambiguous Anatomy
V. Reaction Infernale
VI. Ende

Passworld ~> darkparadise

Ett, tvÄ, tre, fyra, fem, 666!!!
As well as 6 tracks equal in 2002, this small album with its small footprint of Doom Metal became let's say the best of this partnership.

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