Cold Souls [Split]

Cold Souls [Split]
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Monday, September 13, 2010

VA - V:28 - Total Reconstruction (2008)

I. Nordvargr - Desert Generator Hell
II. Beyond Sensory Experience - Pattern Of The Weak (Remix)
III. Megaptera - Infected By Life (Rmx 33 Rpm LP-Version)
IV. Manes - Absolute Nothing (Manes Redux)
V. Des Esseintes - To Be Detuned
VI. Lrz - Surrender To Oblivion (Dark Resonance Mix)
VII. Thrawn Hellspawn - When Entropy Is Thwarted
VIII. Shinjuku Thief / EPA - Solid Structure Undone
IX. Desiderii Marginis - Dead Men's Choir (Remix)
X. Origami Galaktika - Towards The Sun, Swansong (Zero Nothing Remixed)
XI. V28 featuring Coph Nia - All Lined Up (Swans cover)
XII. V28 - One Last Breath (Bleak cover)

Passworld ~> darkparadise

This came out by the CMI, V:28 was a band formed in 2002 stamp!
It is almost a kind tribute to the group, leave it and to download to you!

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